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CowTrac Systems

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CowTrac Systems- World's leading Mechanical Cow - Innovation, Reliability, Customer Satisfaction and Professional Endorsement.

Why CowTrac? - It's the choice of the leading professionals. CowTrac Systems are the quietest, smoothest and most responsive systems available.

Smooth, Quiet Operation - Our industrial strength DC motors are quiet and dependable. The built in adjustable ramp-down feature keeps the cow from starting and stopping abruptly and ensure smooth transitions from slow to fast and fast to slow.

Digital Transmitter -
The transmitter is designed with state-of-the-art high speed digital technology. This makes the system extremely responsive to starts, stops and speed changes.

Bump Technology - CowTrac Systems places speed setting at your fingertips with our "BUMP" technology. Now setting the slow and fast speeds can be done right from the remote.

Selectable Stop - All Rancher and CowTrac series systems include a selectable (hard, medium or soft) stop. Sidekicks are set to the hardest stop without compromising smooth transitions.

Record/Play Mode - All Elite, Elite and Ultima systems includes a built-in memory system. With program, play, pause and memory location selection built into the remote record and playing is simple.

Flag or Cow - Flags are available in 22" and 44" lengths. The material cow has a 3D head and 2D body. This combination provides the most animation and life-like movement when changing directions.

AC/DC Operation - All CowTrac systems are designed to operate with either 120/240VAC or an external 12 volt battery. Sidekicks can be upgraded to a rechargeable 18V battery.

Upgrade Policy - All systems are all based on the same proven technology. As a result, any system can be upgraded for the original difference in cost. You never lose a penny of your investment. 

Warranty - Total 2 year warranty includes system, remote and accessories

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